The Violet Burning: The Story of Our Lives: Liebe uber Allies, Black as Death, and the Fantastic Machine, Review



Welcome to a special post. In fact, this could be the biggest album review I’ve ever written. To begin this incredibly difficult review, I want to talk about the issue of the music industry today. These days we’re so focused on singles, pop hits, and the top forty that we forget everything that comes around it. Today it’s singles, E.P’s or albums that are only meant to carry that single. Rarely does an album demand to be listened to from front to back. And with the rise of itunes and other digital outlets, buying full albums is just an inconvenience when you can just buy the song you hear on the radio. It’s safe and risk free. The Violet Burning are pretty much against that way of music production. To begin the review on a high, hard hitting note, this could be one of the greatest albums I have ever heard.

As you may have noticed, this album bares a fairly long title. The reason for this title is astounding, because apart from a few secular artists, this type of album has never been seen in the Christian industry. The three titles after the main title represents three separate albums. Yes, this is a three piece album, with a total of thiry-four songs. And to answer your other question, this is not a collection of the Violet’s other albums put into a set for the new fan, this is one album. One story. Each part released on the same day.

As a writer, this album hit me where my passion sits. Again, contrary to the modern music industry, this is a concept album meant to be listened to in one sitting, and that’s pretty hard when it clocks in at two hours and twenty minutes. But it demands it, and rewards it.

The Story of Our Lives is just that, a story, anyone’s story. It begins with the heaviest of the three, the Fantastic Machine, and right off the bat we’re hit with a beautiful piano and strings, and then the next song builds to a hard rocking crescendo. The storyย begins with our protagonist searching, looking for an answer. He sees the materialism and is haunted by “big brother” beautifully sung in the two “brother” songs. They talk about the state of the world’s obsession for possessions, and how it will only lead to emptiness and loneliness. In the end our protagonist chooses death.

This is where the second part, Black as Death, comes in. This is some of the darkest on the album. It explores the problems, difficulties and fears of death all face. But in the end, our protagonist realizes he needs God. He needs a savior.

That’s where part three comes in, Liebe uber Allies, (Greek for love above all else) the softest set of songs on the record. The protagonist comes out of the darkness, and into the light. This set of songs is my personal favourite, and each and every song gives me chills. The album ends on the highest note of them all, “Made for You.” An epic worship song, and one of the best I’ve ever heard as our protagonist surrenders all to God.

I’ve given you the basic plot line, now you have to go and experience it for yourself.

Musically, it can get heavy. It’s classic rock’n’roll at its finest, and we sometimes get to hear Michael Pritzl bash out some incredible screams. Unfortunately for some, his voice can either be irritating, or amazing. I’m in the latter. But without a doubt, his soft vocals carry beauty the likes of which I haven’t heard in a long time. It’s perfect.

Some can buy this album so nonchalantly, but it does not deserve that. It’s an absolute masterpiece from beginning to end. Art. The way music should be.

Overall, to end this review, I want to ask a question and make a special announcement. First, if you could choose one album from your collection, what would that be? Before, I would answer with an, “It’s impossible.” Now, I can honestly pick this. Like I said before, this is without a doubt, THE best album I have ever heard. And for that, it deserves a special rating. One rating that can only go to one album. Five stars won’t cut it, because there are multiple five star albums in my collection. For me, this is in the next level: Six stars. Seven years in the making. The one album I can finally call my favourite. The one album I’ve been looking for my entire life. The Story of Our Lives.

And like always, the best music is usually free. The Violet Burning have put the whole album for free download on their website. Here’s the link, and please, please listen to this album. It will bless your life. The Violet Burning: Story of Our Lives.


30 thoughts on “The Violet Burning: The Story of Our Lives: Liebe uber Allies, Black as Death, and the Fantastic Machine, Review

    1. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, before this, I never had an album I could call my favourite, until now ๐Ÿ˜€ I know it’s probably impossible, but what album would you call top favourite?

      1. It’s probably between Michael We Smith’s Sovereign or Brandon Heath’s albums. I have been listening his music for some time now and I’m starting get to like it a lot. Haha. God bless.

    2. Great picks! Michael’s new album ranks as his third best for me (the first being Live and Life and the second I’ll Lead You Home) Didn’t like it at first, but it’s grown on me! I like a few of Brandon’s songs as well, especially Love Does.
      God Bless mate, and I’m sure if you give the Violet Burning a listen, they’ll rank as one of your favourites as well ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Nice song, dig the folk undertones! I thought I recognized the name, it’s the guy from God’s not Dead and the Disney show Good Luck Charlie my parents love. Didn’t know he was a Christian, nor a Christian singer. What are the odds? Bless ya!

  1. Hey Luc it’s Dil. (aka Sherman) You should check out this video and others on the Valley Youth site. My mate Paddy is the pastor there and you should think about going and see what it’s like. He really knows his stuff.. Plus it would give you some ideas on how to run your own.

    1. Cool, thanks for the vid Sherman ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll think about it, though I’m not big on going to youth groups (mostly because the people I know who have gone to them say it’s just a big social outing. My mate Mitchell went to one and left because no one wanted God.) But I really want to meet your mate, hopefully in the next holidays. Anyway, I’ll think about it because it looks intriguing. Do you know how many go? And are there age requirements? Because all the youth groups I’ve seen have different age groups (like from 12-16 and 17-25) If I go, I would want Elliot to come with me so he can learn as well.

      1. There used to be around 70 but now there is around 30 and pretty sure there isn’t an age limit. You shouldn’t let one person’s bad experience persuade you champ, you need to try it for yourself. Even if you go and leave after 10 minutes, at least you gave it a try. I’m pretty sure they do some group study as well as games, singing/dancing like most good youth groups. I think you and Elliot should give it a crack. I think you would learn a lot.

      2. Thanks Dil…um….Sherman, that sounds pretty good! If I could ask, what happened to the forty who left? And if there isn’t an age group, that would be amazing. That alone could be enough to make me go because Elliot doesn’t want to go without me ๐Ÿ˜€ Where’s it at?

  2. Well some are deciding not to go because Paddy will be moving at the end of the year. It’s at Minden Baptist Church I think, but it should tell you in the Youth Valley Videos. You should watch some more. Yeah you two big boys should go, who knows you may even meet your future wife there hehe :P. Btw good luck for tomoz at the coast and let me know how it goes! Enjoy the process!

    1. Yeah, I’ll think about it. Still not sure, especially since Sherman’s friend will be leaving. And I’m pretty sure we’ve been to that minden church before. I won’t say much about it.
      God Bless!

  3. And I have to give the mitchmusicreviews salute too. “talk soon bro and may have a good day. Or golf day. Or church day for that matter. Haha.” God bless bro. Good night, because I’m off to bed.

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