Can Our Salvation Be Lost?


Wow, I can’t begin to tell you how many opinions this question has. Some believe if we sin enough, we can lose our salvation, others believe we fall away but can come back again, and some believe it’s all been done on the cross, and thereby salvation can not be lost. What category do I fit in? If you’ve read my blog long enough, you’ll probably guess the third one.

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Our Taboo on Demons

So I received a comment requesting a post on demons. That may sound a little strange, but I was thinking after I read that, How come we never hear Christians talk about the devil? I’m not talking about having an in-depth conversation about demons, I mean just acknowledging their existence and knowing their plans.

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The Armor of God: The Shield of Faith


The Shield of Faith is a pretty straight forward part of the armor, isn’t it? Your faith protects you from the attacks of the enemy. But the question to ask is, faith in what? Believe it or not, some Christians have faith in the wrong thing.

There are three types of faith I’ve seen Christians have: faith in their religion, faith in their faith, and faith in Jesus.

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Phil Wickham: The Ascension, Album Review


In celebration of an old friend returning home, I thought I’d go ahead and review his favourite worship album, Phil Wickham’s the Ascension.

Phil Wickham is easily one of the best worship leaders active today, and the Ascension is just another addition to his ever growing collection of worship albums that are above the norm. Even the cover is as beautiful as the music itself.

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My Epic: Curse (Who are we?)

Has anyone ever hurt or rejected you? More than likely, unfortunately, you’ll answer yes. Has anyone ever condemned you for not living the way you should? Yep, unfortunately that too happens a fair bit in churches. It’s felt by anyone who tells you to live under the law. But the real question I want to ask these people, and you if you have ever hurt anyone, is this: Who are you?

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The Creative Process (and a little on my current novel)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on writing, and since I’m a writer, I thought it time to write another post on, well, writing! With this post, I thought I’d walk you through the basic steps I take in order to write a full length novel, short story, or anything your heart desires. Take note that this is what I do and am comfortable doing, you might have a completely different take. That’s what makes being creative so fun, everyone does it in their own way.

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Masturbation: It Can Be Overcome


If you read the title, you’re probably cringing. Yes, I’m going to talk about the single most hushed over subject in Christian circles because I know some (ok, it’s more like all) of you are struggling with the habit. Now I could begin this post with an only for mature readers comment like I did for the one on pornography, but I think we all need to hear this. If you disagree, then stop reading, because I’m going in deep! For clarity’s sake, this goes for men and women.

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The Armor of God: Feet Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace


The next part of the Armor of God I’m going to look at is the shoes of the preparation of the Gospel of peace. So what does it mean to have your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace? First, I want you to look at that word: Preparation.

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