The Wonderful Blood of Jesus

The new year is here, and to begin this new story, we should first look at, and be thankful for, where our story began: the wonderful blood of Jesus Christ.

We all look for excuses and reasons to deny. We travel our own road in search of a life greater than we know, yet He offers us His own. In the name of our weakness, He became weak. In the name of our searching, He left His throne to search for us. Because of His brokenness, we were made whole.

It’s the wonderful blood of Jesus.

We hide ourselves in shame and build up walls to protect what little we have. Would He slay, or would He save? But He opened a door to the love we’re all searching for.

It’s the wonderful blood of Jesus.

When sickness devoured me, turned my world on its head, I thought pain was God’s plan, and suffering was all I had. But in the midst of infirmity, where I expected a guide, He gave me a sword to overcome the fight.

It’s the wonderful blood of Jesus.

I looked for religion, but she offered me only grief. Grace was slain, and condemnation was all to gain. I thought I was following the steps of a God out of sight, but what I found was a man of love and grace, who’s made a home in me.

It’s the wonderful blood of Jesus.

When I wanted to give up, hand it all in, I thought you had left, then denied you were ever there. I whipped your back and put a sword in your side, whilst I sought after safety while my world fell apart. I thought mercy was a stranger, no one for me. Yet He called me by name and set me free.

It’s the wonderful blood of Jesus.

I couldn’t recognize you at first, so disfigured and torn. All I had to offer was a mock and a curse. But your blood dripped down on this abhorrent world, offering salvation from our own swords.

It’s the wonderful blood of Jesus.

In our wars, the line is often blurred. We continue to kill by our own hands, but you drew  the final sword, and showed the world that love and mercy overcomes all.

It’s the wonderful blood of Jesus, shed for both you, and me.

Thanks to Jon Foreman’s Mercy’s War for the inspiration.


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