TULIP: The Doctrine of Limited Atonement

The third doctrine of the TULIP is one I’ve found much agreement with as it falls right into place after what we have already established.

The doctrine of Limited Atonement states that Christ died sufficiently for the sins of the world but only effectively for the elect. Approaching this through our findings of election as primary casualty, I’ve found no reason to disagree with the doctrine’s premises, although I may approach it in a slightly different manner than a Calvinist would.

Since God chose to create this world (i.e. a world that contains the existence of human will) He also chose to create a world where some will not be saved by any and every circumstance. Although Christ died sufficiently for everyone, including the non-elect, it’s only the elect, the one’s who will come to Christ in faith, that Christ’s atonement will be effective. Salvation is offered to all, but will be possessed by the elect alone.

The doctrine of Limited Atonement is a Biblically sound one so there is no ground to argue another point.