Does The Bible Encourage Blind Faith?

Critics of the Christian faith have noted that, in a number of passages, the Bible encourages blind faith and anti-intellectualism. Are the critics interpreting the Bible rightfully or have they merely jumped the gun?

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A New View On Faith

As the new year rolls around many of us are beginning to wonder what 2019 has in store for us. Do you fear what’s ahead? If so, let’s step into the new year with a fresh view on the nature of faith.

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Changes to the Text: Isaiah’s Morning Star

In part four of my look into the Bible translation debate, I examine a couple of places where modern translations have changed the word(s) of a verse or passage. Do they change the meaning or are they offering some much-needed clarity? We’ll begin by looking at a troubling verse in Isaiah.

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A Look At The Conflict Between Bible Translations: Missing Verses?

In part three of my look into the modern Bible translation controversy, I take a dive into the claims of missing verses in our modern translations. Are verses missing because of an elaborated conspiracy or is the answer a lot simpler than what it’s made out to be?

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