A New View On Faith

As the new year rolls around many of us are beginning to wonder what 2019 has in store for us. Do you fear what’s ahead? If so, let’s step into the new year with a fresh view on the nature of faith.

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The Forgotten Virtue of Gratitude

As Christmas edges closer and the year begins to close its curtains we should be reminded of an important virtue that seems to have been forgotten in the church: Gratitude.

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Changes to the Text: Isaiah’s Morning Star

In part four of my look into the Bible translation debate, I examine a couple of places where modern translations have changed the word(s) of a verse or passage. Do they change the meaning or are they offering some much-needed clarity? We’ll begin by looking at a troubling verse in Isaiah.

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A Look At The Conflict Between Bible Translations: The Process of Translation

In the second of my multi-part look into the modern Bible translation war, I’ll take a deeper dive into the process of translation itself. I’ll also introduce the three major forms of translation.

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A Look At the Conflict Between Bible Translations: History and Purpose

This is the start of a new series that will look into the debate of the various translations of the Bible that have been formulated over the centuries. Where did we get our English translations and is there really only one right translation or can we trust all of our major translations?

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Top Five Apologetics Books

With so many books, videos, and other online materials begging to be discovered and read, where is the best place to begin studying apologetics? These five books are among my personal favourites and, in my opinion, present a solid starting point for those looking to get into the ministry.

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