The Forgotten Virtue of Gratitude

As Christmas edges closer and the year begins to close its curtains we should be reminded of an important virtue that seems to have been forgotten in the church: Gratitude.

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A Look At The Conflict Between Bible Translations: Conclusion

The end of the Bible translation debate and a couple of final thoughts on the King James Version Only movement.

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The Christian and the Tithe

It’s a debate that’s hot even today. Are Christians to tithe? Is it Biblical or unbiblical? Is it under law or under grace? Let’s take a look at this dividing practice.

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What is the Love of God?

When we describe the love of God we often picture a kind of gooey sentimentality, maybe even a warm, romantic type of love. But is this an accurate depiction of Biblical love, or are we missing the mark?

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Prayer: Contextualizing Matthew

Continuing our series on prayer we’ll look at a verse commonly cited by both critics and believers alike in defence of a literal prayer promise: Matthew 18:19

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Apologetics: The Myth of the 33,000

The questions and objections presented when it comes to the vast number of Christian denominations can make one wonder, but is the myth of the 33,000 a strong argument against Christianity?

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