The Origins of The Resurrection Belief Pt.1 Pagan Comparisons

From where did the belief in a physical Resurrection come from? Could we trace its origin to pagan roots or was it unlike anything else in antiquity?

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Jesus Christ: The Return of God To Zion

We’ve examined and defended many of the divine claims made by Jesus Christ in the Gospel accounts and now it’s time to put them into context. Why did Jesus Christ come to earth and what did He come to accomplish?

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Jesus As The Son of Man

In our look into the divine claims of Jesus, we have argued for the authenticity of the claims by noting the allusions to the OT, the date of the claims, and the character of Jesus Himself in the trilemma. But everything we have argued thus far amounts to nothing if the major claims to divinity were completely misunderstood from the beginning. When Jesus calls Himself the Son of Man, what, exactly, does He mean?

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Looking at the Messianic Secret

In the Gospel of Mark, we read about an event wherein Jesus commands a leper to keep the identity of his healer a secret, so to speak. If Jesus was sure of His identity as the Son of God, what’s with the secrecy here?

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The Trilemma Defence: Jesus the Liar?

Before we can begin to examine the divine claims of Christ themselves we need to first ask ourselves who Jesus really was? Was He a liar, a lunatic, or Lord? In this article, we’ll look at the first of those possibilities. Did Jesus lie about His divinity?

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A Look At the Conflict Between Bible Translations: History and Purpose

This is the start of a new series that will look into the debate of the various translations of the Bible that have been formulated over the centuries. Where did we get our English translations and is there really only one right translation or can we trust all of our major translations?

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